BrSM Model

The BrSM model represents a consensus understanding of the core elements fundamental to Bioregulatory Systems Medicine and the unique relationships between those elements, as derived from the individual perspectives of medical scientific experts, clinicians, and organizational leaders and strategists.  A group conceptualization method, group concept mapping, was used to aggregate systematically the perspectives of these individuals to produce the resultant model.  A fundamental outcome of the model development process is the concept that the bioregulatory approach is driven by the goal of stimulating resolution processes through consideration of the communication and information pathways of the human organism.

In the following sections, the core elements of the BrSM model are described as they are considered in ten distinct yet related concepts.  These concepts emerged through confirmation with international medical scientific experts and clinicians, verification in scientific literature and research, and utilization of the concept mapping methodology.  The primary implications of the model content are discussed, areas for future inquiry are highlighted, and the model is positioned in a way that can potentially close the gap between the current medical paradigm and desired medical outcomes.