About BrSM Initiative

The concept of Bioregulatory Systems Medicine was developed by an international team of scientific and clinical experts from various backgrounds. Scientific experts included those in the fields of immunology, neuroscience, genomics, molecular biology, systems biology, and systems medicine. Clinical experts included physicians who specialize in various medical areas including family and community medicine, chronic diseases, aging, cardiology, pediatrics and neurology.

The BrSM Initiative was launched in 2008 through an initial meeting of global medical experts in collaboration with experts in bioregulatory medicine from Heel.

The team set out systematically to bring together those elements critical to Bioregulatory Systems Medicine, and to conceptualize an integrated, cohesive model of this approach. More than forty individuals participated in the development of the model. The initiative was led by a core team of international experts and clinicians with different medical backgrounds. The combination of these heterogeneous perspectives helped to ensure that the emerging conceptual model would represent a consensus understanding of Bioregulatory Systems Medicine that would resonate with a broad group of scientists and clinicians globally.