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Relevant Publications

  • Download White Paper pdf/ebook

    The open access monograph that comprehensively describes the elements of Bioregulatory Systems Medicine concept, conceptual development methodology and proposed application in clinical practice.

  • Scientific Publication

    The open access, peer-reviewed publication presenting the Bioregulatory Systems Medicine concept in Frontiers in Physiology, Systems Biology section.

  • Barabási, Gulbahce and Loscalzo  Nature Reviews 2011 Network Medicine: a network-based approach to human disease

    The seminal publication presenting an overview of the organizing principles that govern cellular networks and their role in disease.

  • Csermely, Korcsmaros, Kiss et al Pharmacology & therapeutics 2013 Structure and dynamics of molecular networks: a novel paradigm of drug discovery: a comprehensive review

    The comprehensive review explaining properties of biological networks and their use in describing human diseases and drug design strategy.

  • Bousquet, Anto, Sterk et al Genome Medicine 2011 Systems medicine and integrated care to combat chronic noncommunicable diseases

    The seminal publication presenting a statement of international expert groups positing how noncommunicable disease management should move towards holistic multimodal integrated care, and multi-scale, multi-level systems approaches.

  • Ahn, Tewari, Poon et al PLOS Medicine 2006 The limits of reductionism in medicine: could systems biology offer an alternative?

    The first publication in a widely-cited series of two articles where the authors examine the reductionist approach that pervades medicine and explains how a systems approach may complement it.

  • Ahn, Tewari, Poon et al PLOS Medicine 2006 The clinical applications of a systems approach

    The second publication in a widely-cited series of two articles where the authors present a practical discussion of how a systems approach could be valuable for clinical medicine.


Useful Links

  • Institute for Systems Biology

    The home page of the Institute for Systems Biology (ISB), a non-profit biomedical research organization based in Seattle, Washington. ISB was co-founded by systems biologist Leroy Hood, and is the world-renowned leading institution in systems biology research.

  • P4 Medicine Institute

    The home page of the P4 Medicine Institute, a non-profit institution co-founded by the Institute for Systems Biology and The Ohio State University to help catalyze the transformation of healthcare systems to Predictive, Preventive, Personalized and Participatory (P4) Medicine.

  • CASYM Europe

    The home page of Coordinating Action Systems Medicine (CASYM), a multidisciplinary European consortium that joined forces to develop an implementation strategy (road map) for Systems Medicine in Europe.

  • „The New Biology“ movie

    This documentary film features the wave of cutting-edge technologies that now provide the opportunity to create predictive models of living systems, and gain wisdom about the fundamental nature of life itself.